Helicopter safely, quickly, and stylishly to anywhere in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • We provide private transportation of individuals and urgent shipments throughout the Czech Republic and Europe.
  • We will pick you up at the nearest suitable location and fly you to your chosen destination.
  • We fly for you, according to your needs and your schedule.
  • You don't wait for the plane/helicopter, the plane/helicopter waits for you.
  • We operate year-round.
  • Safety is our top priority.

We only fly with new or nearly new Robinson R44 and Robinson R66 helicopters, serviced in our authorized service center, with complete history and insurance. Our pilots are among the most experienced and hold all certifications and licenses for commercial helicopter flights. We fly from almost anywhere to anywhere - from international airports to perhaps your garden or the parking lot in front of your company.

With our partner, we are able to provide flights by airplanes as well, precisely according to your requirements and preferences.

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