Since established in 1996, our company has been the only Czech official authorized dealer of the World's Best Selling Helicopters, Robinson Helicopter Company from Los Angeles, California, USA.


The helicopter is an ideal means of transport in the Czech Republic, as the ability of the helicopter to land in the field (i.e., outside the airport) you will save not only the path to the airport, but at the same time, you can avoid traffic jams, and reduce the time that traveling in a car, bus, train, commonly do you spend, to a minimum.


We are able to provide not only Your transportation from place to place, but also the sale of new or served by helicopters. Our service is dominated by the activities of these helicopters, because we have our own service center, which is certified by both the manufacturer and the civil aviation authority in Prague Ruzyne Airport.


Currently, we operate two types of helicopters: R22 and R44.