New CEO of RHC

The new CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company, David Smith, represents a significant change in the company's management. David Smith has assumed the role of CEO after Kurt Robinson's leadership spanning over forty years.This transition signifies a shift from the founding generation to a new management team, bringing with it a lot of experience and fresh energy for the company's future endeavors.

After many years at the helm of Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), a significant change occurred when the current CEO, Kurt Robinson, decided to pass the leadership of the company into the hands of David Smith. Kurt Robinson, who had worked in the company for over forty years and was the second CEO in the 50-year history of RHC after his father, chose to step down from the CEO position. However, Kurt remains in a advisory role. David Smith, who previously served as RHC's vice president of operations and has extensive experience in the aviation industry, having worked on the development of the Bell 505 and also at TRU Simulation + Training, a subsidiary of Textron, is ready to lead the company into the next period of growth and development.

In connection with this change, Kurt Robinson stated: "My father always emphasized that the company should be led by an engineer who has a close connection to what they do. I am convinced that we have found such a person in David Smith." With this, RHC's leadership is turning to new challenges and opportunities that the new era of the company's development will bring. Smith's nomination sends a clear signal of the company's commitment to innovation and growth in the coming years.

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